A farm for peaceful Rebels

Through local partnerships within Colombia, Bay-Build is providing critical infrastructure to support the reintegration of ex-FARC rebels, following the Colombian Peace Agreement.

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Located near Cali, Colombia, this sustainable farm is part of an established program, that is managed by a local NGO. This farm, and other farms like it, represent a UN-backed effort towards comprehensive rural reform throughout Colombia. Rural reform is seen as a sustainable and logical disruptor of the militant narcotics economy within Colombia.

We have established partnerships and use cases throughout Colombia that will allow us to execute this project using 100% local resources. If this project works for a farm in Cali, it can work for a UN camp on the Venezuelan border. More broadly, if it works in Colombia, it can work in many other places around the world.


Project Goal

Through this pilot project, we will prove a local lean-production process that will allow us to scale for greater production within Colombia, and other regions around the world.

The Pilot Farm

This is an existing farm located near Cali, Colombia. The land is co-owned by rural families who were displaced by the Colombian Conflict. These families now lease a portion of their land to ex-rebels who have successfully built and operated a functioning farm. Our frame will be used to support their growing business.

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Fanalca is the largest steel fabricator in Colombia. Their facility is located within 20 miles of our build site. We have personally visited the factory and confirmed the capacity to produce our frame and deliver it to the site.


PASO’Colombia’s mission involves working with ex-rebels to successfully reintegrate into civilian life through agriculture. Their efforts are focused in rural areas, providing support for ‘ex-combatants’ who are trying to start farms using the limited resources provided by the Colombian government.

PASO Colombia operates Rural Alternative Schools or ERA’s (spanish acronym), as a way to educate and foster involvement in the rural agricultural community. Farmers who are involved with these ERA’s also gain access to PASO’s network of commercial partners and agricultural distributors. The program has seen success, with 10 ERA's operating all over Colombia. You can find more info at their website:




This project will involve the engineering, fabrication, delivery, and construction of our frame within Colombia. This will require oversight by two Bay-Build representatives who must travel to Colombia for an extended period of time. The budget covers cost of engineering and construction, as well as travel expenses. A more detailed breakdown can be provided upon request.

Scaling for Impact

Upon completion of the pilot project, we will have a system that can work for a variety of shelter projects throughout Colombia. Multiple parters and use cases have already been established.


Your donation can build a farm in Colombia, and establish a global system to provide shelter, for everyone.

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