The Frame

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How it works...

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Shipping Containers

They provide transport as well as critical structural support for the framing system. 

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Floor Framing

Raising the floor above the site minimizes costly site work and allows for development in flood-prone areas. 

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Wall Framing

Large, open bays can accommodate a variety of uses. Framing is provided around the containers to provide shading and thermal separation. 

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Roof Framing

Designed to handle high-wind events and provide ample shelter from the elements. 

About The Frame

A stable backbone for Humanitarian Development. What does the frame do?


A strong shelter.

The frame is structurally engineered to industry standard life safety regulations. It will stand up to natural disasters with a strength and consistency that is backed by a licensed professional.

An efficient approach.

The modular frame allows for a multitude of efficiencies and cost-saving measures that cannot be fully applied under standard construction methods.

A durable structure.

The frame is constructed from galvanized steel framing that resists rot, termites, and mold.

A reliable system.

All materials are fabricated through domestic partner organizations with full product transparency and industry guarantees.

A long life.

The quality of materials and the care of construction ensures that  the frame's lifespan will be maximized.

A green building.

The prefabricated frame construction uses a process that contains negligible construction waste. All steel framing contains recycled content and can be additionally recycled after its purpose is served.     

A dry floor.

The entire frame sits on concrete pier footings that elevate it above the building site. This reduces the need for costly site work, and protects the building in areas of possible flooding.

An open plan.

The frame is structurally designed to provide open bays that can be infilled with non-structural materials. This allows for a wide range of flexibility with floor plans and building uses.

A defined product.

The deliverable is fully understood by both parties, limiting confusion or misunderstanding with the final product. 

A blank canvas.

After the frame is erected, it can be clad in a variety of nonstructural methods. This allows for greater control over building aesthetics, and encourages the use of regional resources at the location of the build. In extreme circumstances, even a tarp or loose debris from a recent disaster can be applied to the frame to provide basic shelter until better options are available.