Our Product

Our technology is designed to support local capacity,  enhance resilience, and enable collaboration with other products on the market.

It starts with a  globally standardized shelter system that goes wherever you need it.

Our Message

Organizations struggle to achieve outcomes within chaotic environments. Most of these outcomes are temporary structures that serve a short-term purpose, while ignoring the long-term issue. There are many products being used for various shelter solutions, but these products are not standardized, they do not work with other products, and they have not been fully adopted on an international scale.

Lack of standardization and collaboration results in a fragmented system that costs money and limits outcomes. For this reason, supply chain issues, and media coverage optics continue to plague many humanitarian efforts. We need to get organized to better use our resources, serve our purpose, and project our message.

Our Team

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Stephen Gardner

Stephen brings 11 years of experience in architectural design, prefabricated construction and humanitarian development.

Stephen began his career designing and building prefabricated steel homes in remote areas of California. This experience led him to design and build flat-packed products for humanitarian development.  His first project was the rebuilding of communities in the Philippines after Super Typhoon Haiyan. He has since developed and executed successful resilience programs for Habit for Humanity International efforts in Oceania. All projects involved the mobilization of people and materials within remote environments.       

Stephen's efforts at home and abroad have instilled in him an ideal that architecture can be a vital social link between cultures and individuals. He holds a B.Arch from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and continues to practice as a licensed architect in California.

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Ravi Kurani

Ravi is an entrepreneur with a background in sustainable business and supply chain management.

Ravi has exited two companies focused on Impact and water management. His latest, Sutro, aims to create a platform around water monitoring and evaluation. He launched a due diligence and investment campaign for the BoP communities in India, while working with First Light Ventures Fund and Village Capital. First Light Ventures and Village Capital democratize entrepreneurship through peer support networks. Ravi previously launched a consumer-facing database called which aims to bring more transparency in the impact investing industry.

Ravi is committed to utilizing technology to find innovative ideas and designs for emerging markets. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Riverside, MBA in International Finance from MIIS-Middlebury College, and a Certificate from Stanford University in Renewable Energy Systems.

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Kristian Fosholt

Kristian brings 11 years of experience in architecture and construction on a wide range of projects, including remote design and development.

Kristian excels in highly collaborative, fast-tracked environments, spearheading large developments that require real world skill sets. His portfolio includes some of the most recognizable names in the profession, but he is most at home getting his hands dirty in the field.

Kristian holds a B.Arch from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, as well as a Master's degree in Civil Engineering from Stanford.


Our Partners and Sponsors

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