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A universal framing system

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that goes anywhere in the world

What is it?

We offer a certified framing system that can be quickly deployed for the short term, and re-purposed for the long-term. Most importantly, our frame supports local economies and promotes sustainable building practices. Our frame is made locally, and built locally.

Find out how it’s working in Colombia. 

The Frame

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Sustainable infrastructure for humanitarian development

Our system can be built anywhere in the world using industry standard materials and methods.

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The frame is securely delivered using a standard shipping container. All components, tools, and instructions are provided using certified suppliers. The Bay-Build system acts as a chain of custody instrument for ensuring quality and providing supply-chain transparency during the development process.

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After delivery, the frame is quickly assembled and attached to the shipping container to provide a stable platform for a variety of humanitarian development needs. The frame has a 100 year life-cycle and can be disassembled, relocated, and repurposed for multiple projects in multiple locations.

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The frame is fully engineered to satisfy local building codes. Local materials and resources can be used to create a variety of buildings, while still maintaining a guarantee for life-safety standards. This allows for local investment and capacity building in development projects.

A Platform For Collaboration

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The Bay-Build frame connects and disconnects from any standard shipping container without modification to the container itself, seamlessly integrating with other containerized products on the market.

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The 2nd Container

Existing containerized products provide a wide range of services including utilities, desalination systems, medical clinics, cold storage, secure dry storage, and many other applications. The Bay-Build frame adds instant shelter to any of these systems.

A versatile Product

Bay-Build supports displaced populations here at home, and around the world....

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The Homeless

Over 553,000 people are currently experiencing homelessness in the US. 10% of our country’s homeless population is found in Los Angeles alone. Bay-Build can work with local organizations to build temporary shelters, providing dignity and basic needs while long-term solutions are developed.

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A Protracted Refugee Crisis can last up to 20 years. Bay-Build works with local governments to provide durable, flexible infrastructure that uses local resources, and can be relocated or repurposed post-crisis.

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Disaster Relief

Natural disasters are unpredictable, and can occur without warning. Disaster response requires the collaborative rapid mobilization of resources across a variety of spectrums. Bay-Build offers a stable, transparent building system that guarantees outcomes and seamlessly pairs with other containerized systems.

The Colombia Project

Bay-Build has partnered with organizations in Colombia to collaborate on humanitarian development solutions that target UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our project will focus on providing shelter systems in response to displaced populations.